Career And Technical Education (CTE)


In addition to my responsibilities at FHS Assistant Principal, I have also taken on the additional duties as the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Director.  These new responsibilities have opened my eyes to the importance of career and college planning, the need for more real-world applications during high school and the value of experiences in the workplace for high school students.  At Fenton High School, we offer a variety of CTE classes that provide students with each of these type of opportunities:

• Accounting I & II
• Business, Management & Administration
• Finance
• Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) – an in-school entrepreneurship program & global business simulation
• Computer Added Drafting & Design – Mechanical I & II
• Computer Added Drafting & Design – Architectural I & II
• Plus a whole host of opportunities at our Genesee Career Institute

Students who enroll in these CTE experiences will enjoy a variety of guest speakers, a field-trip related to their curriculum as well as the opportunities to earn articulated college credits.  Each CTE program has aligned curriculum with a local college and if a student attended that college, they would honor those credits.  For example, if a student took Accounting I at Fenton High School and then enrolled at Mott Community College, they would have 4 credits towards their degree and the college would grant them credit in Applied Accounting.  These credits are FREE!!!

Fenton High School Career & Technical Education is an exemplary program which provides students will exciting opportunities to gain workplace experience, serve their community, and prepare for collegiate success.  This is our mission in CTE and I strongly suggest you talk to your child about enrolling in a CTE course.

CTE Director and FHS Assistant Principal
Laura Lemke –