English Learner

Who is considered an English Learner (EL)?

  • Students aged 3–21 who meet MDE’s EL Entrance Protocol which can be found at English Learner (EL) Resources.

  • When a student enrolls in a  Michigan public school, a Home Language Survey (HLS) must be completed asking (1) the student’s native language and (2) the primary language used in the home. These questions are asked through Fenton’s online enrollment process.

  • If there is a student who may qualify for English Learner (EL) services based on the Home Language Survey (HLS), students are screened to determine if the student needs EL services. Students may already be identified as needing EL services if they were identified in a previous district/PSA.

  • Students identified as English Learners are annually assessed with the WIDA Access or WIDA Alternate Access assessment to measure English proficiency.  

  • Students are exited from the EL Program when they meet the MDE exit criteria found in the MDE Entrance and Exit Protocol at English Learner (EL) Resources.

Literacy and Language Background Survey (LLBS)

The Language and literacy background survey is to be given to ANY child whose enrollment says ‘yes’ to a native language or a primary language other than English. This survey has also been embedded into Fenton's online enrollment process.

LLBS Forms:

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Chinese – Click to view
Spanish – Click to view
Arabic – Click to view

Parent Resources:

Translation Availability:

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