Good Evening - 

This is Superintendent Heidie Ciesielski, with an update on the school day tomorrow.  With the impending storm, and with the fact that our middle school and high school already have a half day for exams, we will be moving all of the other buildings including WOW to a half day as well.  We just feel that getting students home could be an issue if we wait until normal dismissal.    As a reminder dismissal at WOW will be at 11:30, K-511:55, 6-8 will be10:31 and 9-12 will be at 10:54.  Also, there will be no after-school care at WOW so students will need to either ride the bus home or be picked up at their elementary schools. We appreciate parents and our staff's flexibility in making this change for tomorrow.  Also, all evening and after-school activities will be canceled for tomorrow evening.  I wish all of the secondary students good luck on their exams tomorrow and hope you all have a wonderful weekend. WEAREFENTON